The INITIATION, a FREE Guided Meditation
  • Stuck or off course, 
  • Off purpose, 
  • Not feeling enough 
  • No sense of belonging, 
  • Out of alignment, 
  • Up against a big challenge, 
  • In transition, or 
  • That something greater is pulling you forward yet you're not sure on your next steps, 

If you've been feeling:
This free meditation and self-paced guided coaching session is for you.

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"I feel so clear and free. My vision of my purpose is becoming clear. " Suzan

"Your voice is so soothing it takes me exactly where I need to go! " Penny

"I can't even find words to express how powerful this journey was and is as I'm still integrating. The perfect gift for my birthday. Something huge has shifted! Stephanie C. Koehler

  • Free self paced guided coaching prompts to  support you in creating a vision and breaking through what is no longer serving you

  • 40 Minute guided mediation that is guaranteed to help you breakthrough feeling stuck, ungrounded or out of alignment and move you into clarity, a sense of grounding and deeper awareness of your next steps.

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